The Benefits of Veneers

March 31, 2021

Improving the appearance of your teeth may be much less complicated than you might think. Veneers, one of the restorations offered by your Alpha, NJ, dentist, Dr. Richard Lachenmayr, can help you completely transform your smile.

How veneers can enhance your smile

Damage, discolorations, and wear and tear take a toll on your teeth. If you’re unhappy with your smile, veneers provide a simple solution. The restorations are attached to the fronts of your teeth where flaws are most noticeable. The tooth-shaped shells are made from an impression of your mouth to ensure a comfortable fit. Each porcelain veneer is just about as thick as a contact lens, yet provides excellent coverage for imperfections.

Veneers may be the ideal choice for you if you would like to:

  1. Brighten Your Smile : Veneers offer a long-lasting whitening option. They’re available in many shades of white and only need to be replaced every 10 to 15 years.
  2. Hide Discolorations : Whether your tooth is discolored from a dental issue, a large filling, or tetracycline use, a veneer will improve its color. Your new veneer will match the shade of surrounding teeth to ensure that your tooth no longer stands out.
  3. Improve the Shape of a Tooth : A veneer can change the shape of a tooth that’s crooked, twisted, or oddly shaped. In fact, adding veneers is a simple way to improve the uniformity of your smile.
  4. Conceal Minor Damage and Imperfections : Veneers keep chips, shallow cracks, uneven surfaces, and other flaws out of sight.
  5. Lengthen a Tooth : Years of wear and tear or nightly grinding can shorten teeth. Veneers extend the length of these teeth and can also be helpful if a tooth is naturally a little shorter than nearby teeth. If the issue is caused by grinding or clenching, Dr. Lachenmayr can provide you with a nightguard during your visit to the Alpha, NJ, dental office. Wearing the nightguard while you sleep will prevent damage to your veneers and your teeth.
  6. Close a Gap : Even slight gaps between teeth can be very noticeable. Fortunately, veneers can close small gaps and enhance your smile.

Renew your smile with veneers! Call your dentist in Alpha, NJ, Dr. Richard Lachenmayr, at (908) 454-8400 to schedule your appointment.

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